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Text about a performance at COSMOSCOW 2019


Becoming Stone 


a deep sound is vibrating inwards towards my marrow bones 

outwards to the beneath surface of my liquid skin


ripples are made visible 

as I sense my water is alive in the meeting with the one who knows 


a woman is dressed in the memories of the land 

where elements of life are painted in 







she wears the gákti organically patterned by time 

did I see

the shadows that had unfolded in us 


as we sensed and smelled our belonging 


through a shining silver riskú

an ancient sound arrives 

from her presence that is like 

what someone said 

“she is like a mother stemming from

the cave. Someone we are little afraid of sometime but someone that we trust.”


... it resonates throughout the space 

as stones, when she yoiks, as a mountain mourning when sunset fades out in the mid autumn

and the moon is circular today here as there, and inside us a river flooding...


as the moonlight sets 

she balances the

stones above the mountain 

places one on the other 

and the stones may sing,

that life is different but yet not less important than the other 


she dances 

playfully with a hint of curious smile and she is carrying insight and wisdom from the people of the world

she initiate the guests with that of a gesture reminding us the ‘yoiking hand’

she challenges our percpetion of life in the fullest moment

she transforms our cultural habits in us and with her we open up towards the inner life of things, to the essence 


I could feel that 

something was new in me 

something was not repeated 

today is not the same day as hundreds of years ago

yet today as then the Tree is burning sacredly


turning, turning, turning 


a woman is journeying to the other side 

she, who had been given the invitation 

to communicate


the stories was her companion on the journey 


the woman carried originality to be a healer and she carried with her stones and wood as her teachers





Katarina Skår Lisa

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